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Planning For Retirement

Different kind of expertise is required…

Ed Slott, “America’s IRA Expert” according to the Wall St. Journal, has said, “The adviser helping you during the distribution phase of your retirement income requires a very different kind of expertise than the adviser who helped you in the Accumulation phase of your life”

Regency Wealth Management’s founder Sam Cook has been trained by Ed Slott in his Master Elite IRA Adviser training course. This has equipped Sam to understand some of the unique tax challenges involved in taking distributions from 401(k), 403(b) and IRA retirement income accounts.

When developing a Retirement Income Savings Plan for you, Sam can demonstrate the effects of a negative, average and positive Stock Market future scenario based on historical data for each of those three scenarios. Sam encourages his clients to “stress test” their plan for retirement by using this invaluable historical information.

Sam also has experience helping clients determine what percentage of their retirement they want to come from a guaranteed source of income much like a company pension provides.

Sam can help incorporate accounts that can give you an income that you simply cannot outlive. You do NOT have to lose control of your money in order to enjoy this type of guaranteed retirement income.

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