Income Planning

We offer product solutions that help protect income as one of the investment alternatives here at Regency Wealth Management.

These product solutions options are designed to protect assets from market risk and may be insured by a bank or insurance company. These products differ from stock market investments in that the principal (original amount) is insured and they earn interest (your gain). You determine the product based on your liquidity needs and time horizon.

Insured products also allow you to design an income plan. What amount of income will you desire or need? Where will the income come from and how long will it last? Understanding these basic questions allow us to analyze your inventory of available assets. This allows us to design a custom solution aligning all asset sources to work together in an coordinated approach of product solutions designed to provide the income. Confidence is a result of aligning social security, bank products, insurance products and investments to your current risk profile, time horizon and liquidity desires. The goal is to provide you the knowledge so you may make an informed decisions, Understanding your plan and how to make adjustments provides you the ability to execute your plan with confidence, This should provide you peace of mind in any market environment.

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